IEjeweling pieces are rooted in traditional Estonian folk cultural ornamentation - with origins from the Baltics and ancient Vikings when seafaring the horizons for trade settlements gave way to crossing artistic cultures which influenced Baltic jewelry craftsmanship.

Many IEjeweling design creations recapture the distinctive primitive sensation of unearthed treasure seen in the adorned discs, wire knit chains, amulet pendants, brooches and cuffs - all created in silver (seen as possessing healing qualities), which has an allure conveying a three dimensional vibe.

Precious sea glass is the gem of choice - originally derived from the sand, transformed into glass and discarded back into the sea, recreating a new gem uniquely polished while on the journey of immigration and landing ashore provoking within oneself a sense of wonderment.

Wonderment at how the powers of man and the oceans intertwine; human ingenuity shapes the soul and spirit and are rooted timelessly from the Iron Age on - to be showcased into jewelry design pieces for adornment.

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